Compiling gVim on Ubuntu/Debian

A condensed version of Tonys excellent tutorial.

1. Sources – all 3 per release

vimX.Xtar.bz2, vim-X.X-extra.tar.gz, vim-X.X-lang.tar.gz
bunzip2 -vf vim-7.0*.bz2
gunzip -vf vim-7.0*.gz
tar -xvC ~/.build/vim -f vim-7.0*.tar

2. Patches
cd ~/.build/vim/vim70/
patch -p0 < patches/7.0.XXX

3. myenviro

source ~/.build/vim/myenviro

export CONF_OPT_GUI=’–enable-gnome-check’
export CONF_OPT_PERL=’–enable-perlinterp’
export CONF_OPT_PYTHON=’–enable-pythoninterp’
export CONF_OPT_RUBY=’–enable-rubyinterp’
export CONF_OPT_CSCOPE=’–enable-cscope’
export CONF_OPT_MULTIBYTE=’–enable-multibyte’
export CONF_OPT_OUTPUT=’–enable-fontset’
export CONF_OPT_FEAT=’–with-features=huge’
export CONF_OPT_COMPBY=’”–with-compiledby=MarkWoodward”‘

4. Reconfigure

cd src
make reconfig < ../make.log

5. Build

cd ..
make < make.log

6. Check and Install

less make.log|ls -l src/vim|src/vim –version
sudo make install << make.log

7. Select as default

which -a vim (symlink to new if not 1st)

8. Req’d Libraries

apt-get install xlibs-dev (libx11-dev) libncurses5-dev libperl-dev libpython-dev ruby1.8-dev gtk2.0-dev

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